TOUCH is a design consultancy of Urban planning ,landscape, architecture and interior design with wide ranging experience in public realm projects in the UAE and overseas. Established in Dubai in 2007. We also have offices in Egypt,

We are able to offer a multi-disciplinary design service in landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, interior, environmental planning and irrigation design, and provide an integrated design service from initial site master planning and concept design, through to construction documentation and contract administration for a variety of project types, scopes and budgets. We are also good team players and enjoy with other design consultants, complementing the skills and expertise of the other team members.

TOUCH has a reputation for creative and practical design solutions over a wide range of projects. Our emphasis is on design excellence and quality of service, combined with a proven ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.

TOUCH Experienced Engineering Excellence in the World, with more than 50 resident engineer in all disciplines and 9 years of experience,

TOUCH works to ensure beauty, character, and comfort in the environments and lifestyles of the future.

TOUCH is engineering consulting firm that provides a comprehensive package of services In Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. With Main headquarter in DUBI and one

branch one in Egypt

TOUCH offers consulting services for architectural design, urban design, interior design and other engineering services, including electrical and electromechanical activities.

TOUCH also supervises the execution process to ensure the final results adhere to the initial designs. From urban planning to interior design.

TOUCH’s team of passionate professionals offers innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenge at hand.

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TOUCH Consultant Group (TCG) believe that design quality can be defined as Restorative Design. As a result we are committed to producing work that maximizes human potential, productivity and health. Every

project is committed to minimizing the consumption of resources, reducing waste and

pollution, and restoring natural systems. We believe that each work of architecture, no matter

its size, should embrace its cultural, community, urban and natural contexts so that the final

outcome defines an idea of the public realm. Our projects strive to create beauty and cultural meaning.

As professionals we do have responsibilities towards our clients same as to the public domain and the many users involved.

As we offer a very professional services, we still committed to respect the value of cost and time which has always characterized our client relationships.

Excellence of design and its successful execution are central to our approach.

In developing and communicating the design concept, the project teams are supported by

abroad spectrum of in-house disciplines.

The advent of digital technologies has allowed us to design and build structures with complex geometric forms.

While new technologies have transformed the way the practice works, traditional model

making still plays a key role and our sophisticated model shop can produce everything from sketch models to full size mock-ups.

Our design philosophy is simple, when creating a design an architect duty is to look and

study everything related to the building before he builds it.

We believe that design should be progressed naturally from a variety of contributing factors

as client's needs, building’s response to (site, light, and climate), its response to both cultural

and historical context, along with that the materials and technology available to realize it.